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Smart home is one that is equipped with special structured wiring, one that includes some gadget, system or appliance that is connected either to the Internet and/or to your Smartphone. You can typically control and interact with these devices using an app. Iot(Internet of Things ) has opened a new world of innovations in connected solutions to run homes smarter and more efficiently.

ITs Gates team understand that smart home services are more than home securities. We provide solution for unifying your connected gadgets and controlling them from one simple app, instead of many. ITs Gates professional team analyse all your devices and provide connectivity protocols accordingly .We make sure that our app is the one that allows you control all of your connected devices from a single place. Our team design all in one app which is smartly designed, attractive, and intuitive whether you are a android or iOS mobile user.

ONE APP FOR EVERYTHING- You can easily control everything from lighting and heating, to the alarm and your home’s multimedia. Whether you’re on the road with your Smartphone or on the sofa with your tablet you can control it all with our Smart Home App. The user can personalise the app setting to meet their taste.
Features of Smart Home App:

  • Personalised Home Screen: You can personalise the homepage in the app according to your tastes
  • Blinds & Shading: With the app, you can operate your curtains, blinds, roller shutters or awning automatically or take control manually.
  • Security: Offers you to enable or disable alarm system. You can view the current status of your alarm, even when you’re out and about.
  • Energy Management: At a glance, you can see your home’s energy consumption
  • Maintenance Counter: Perfect for monitoring your filters, pumps and other equipment that requires maintenance.
  • Task Recorder: With the help of the task recorder you can record any series of commands via the app and save them. Then define a time when the tasks are to be processed

    There are many other features available for your smart home. We customize the app according to your need.