Today, online presence is not just about creating a nice website and then sitting back waiting for the visitors to come. It is a lot more. It involves a complete set of strategies and planning. However, web development is where it all starts. Although web development is a just a small part of the whole campaign, it is still one of the most important ones. This is the reason why understanding the web development methodologies could be handy.


Web Development with PHP

Pros: PHP is a very flexible scripting language and there are numerous ways to do one task. This means that web development using PHP offers the many options to the developers to do the things their own way.  For instance, PHP offers almost countless numbers of frameworks. Another reason why a lot of developers choose PHP over other languages is that it offers more ease and ubiquity. It can be used for just about anything and can be easily run on any operating system platform. It is a very easy language to learn and with some understanding anyone can be a small time web developer.

Cons: The biggest advantages of PHP also play to its disadvantage. For instance, it offers a number of ways to do the same thing. Although it may be good for people looking for independence, some people get caught while making a choice. Therefore, it ends up creating dilemmas. Also, since it is easy to learn and use therefore just about anyone can create apps and web pages using it. This is where the security comes into picture. There are lots of PHP designs with security issues on the internet.

ASP.Net Web Development

Pros: The two biggest advantages of ASP.NET are its object oriented programming features and its flexibility. The .NET framework is designed to provide a seamless interface with the other languages (like VB.NET and C#). This simply means that a part of the programming can be easily changed without needed to rewrite the entire thing. This also implies that multiple developers can simultaneously work on the same project and make use of other languages like C# and Visual Basic.Net. Another huge advantage of ASP is that it has a library which is task based. The library has the inheritable classes for particular tasks and thus it saves a lot of time for the developers. It also has many other time-saving features such as auto-completion and IntelliSense that ensure developers do not have to memorize all the methods and variables.

Cons: The biggest disadvantage of ASP.Net is that it is expensive and requires high maintenance. Thus it requires more resources than its PHP counterpart. Most of the .Net applications need IIS to run. Also, it is a known fact that ASP.Net makes use of higher amount of web server resources than any other languages such as PHP. This simply means that ASP either requires more number of servers or very large servers. It is also a known fact that IIS and Windows have a history of lots of vulnerabilities and bugs and are thus less reliable.