When you are designing or creating something, what is the thing that can make it more real? Whether you are painting a portrait, setting up house decor, or designing a website, the thing that can make it real is the human connection. People are more attracted to the things that they can connect with as they find them more real. The human creation goes much beyond the realms of physical; it touches the emotional cords of the people and thus establishes a stronger bond. That is how the brands are able to create loyalty with hundreds of thousands of customers. Web designing is also an art and thus the more human feel it has the more visitors it will get. Here are a few things that will make your web design feel more human.

Design Realistic Environments

Now the question is how to design something that has the human feel. Always remember that people always connect with the things they can identify with. There are certain things that may be ‘fantastic’, overwhelm people, and generate a transitory ‘wow’. However, they may not be able to establish a long lasting connection. On the other hand, the focus of the realistic designs is on the elements that really exist. For instance, while promoting a tea brand, if you make the actors drink tea in a fancy cup, people will not identify with it. However, someone drinking tea or coffee in a cup used in every household will bring more human connection. Therefore, while designing your website, keep the realism in mind.

Make it Social

Making it social does not necessarily mean making it Social Media Optimized. It means social in the traditional sense. Design a website which people can relate with the society they live in and can talk about. Such a website design will get more word-of-mouth publicity than anything else. The idea is that when people have a sense of belonging with something they will want to share it because they will feel that it is theirs. So, creating something that can generate the feeling of belonging is important.

Make it Interactive

People interact with each other and that is how the society operates. If you want to give your website a more human feel and want to get more visitors then you must make it as interactive as possible. However, this could be easier said than done. While humans use all their five senses in the real environment, on the computer you can make use of only two – vision and hearing. Therefore, you will need to make the best use of both of them.

Make it Easy to NavITs Gates

Your website must be easy to use. This is the reason why it should not be cluttered and the navigation must be fluid. People will take no time in getting off your website at the first difficulty of access or use. The user interface of your website must be pretty clean and intelligible.