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MASAR our School Bus Tracking is specially designed for you to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly. It is beneficial for school administrative staff as well as parents. It ensures the safety of the child and offers you stay aware of their whereabouts. MASAR makes your school transport system productive, safe and parent-friendly.

Parent Portal: It is a web portal into which parents would be able to login with unique login IDs to know about various their child’s bus related activities. This portal also acts as a means of parent-teacher communication.

Benefits and Features of School Bus Tracking Applications:
Real Time Tracking: Allows you track entire fleet in real time on a single mobile screen.
Emergency Management: It manages breakdowns or other unwanted incidents in efficient manner.
Speed Limit Alerts: Notifies when the driver exceeds speed limits or follow irregular driving patterns.
RFID Integration: Automatically create bus attendance when students board or de-board the bus.
Geo-fencing: Get an alert as soon as the bus deviates from defined location.

Why choose ITs Gates School Bus Tracking Service?

  • We provide round the clock, 24×7, service and support.
  • Our customers trust us and the industry recognizes our innovations
  • We have a dedicated team professionals working tirelessly to serve you.
  • Our managers &solution architects design what is best for you.

Our Real-time tracking and alerts help you monitor safety during transit. We provide our client with End-to-end service including device, application and connectivity, means greater accountability and lower cost of ownership. The quick and seamless deployment help you get started easily.|

ITs Gates School Bus Tracking offers real-time solution that uses network connectivity and GPS based location information to locate school buses to significantly improve safety.