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Websites need to be maintained in order to keep them updated. Support and maintenance of websites are as essential as food and air for human being. In order to meet the constantly changing needs of business we provide the proper support and maintenance.
We work hard to provide your website with an error free look. The website maintenance program includes number of services starting from troubleshooting to advance level problem.

Some of the services are:

  • To correct and fix design and bugs
  • Technical Upgrades, if required
  • Website upgrade and reporting according to contract
  • Technical assistance for advance problem and troubleshooting
  • Regular backup of site to avoid data loss due to any server failure

Our charges and plans differ as per the time duration. Types of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):Yearly AMC (Annual AMC)

  • Quarterly AMC
  • Semester wise AMC (Six Months AMC)
  • Monthly AMC (Month by Month AMC)
  • Regular AMC (Fixed Years or more than two years)


Our knowledgeable team of back-end experts are readily available to assist you with the day to day management of your website. We ensure that all your web requirements are met and mitITs Gatesd in the simplest and fastest turnaround times so that your customers enjoy uninterrupted access to your websites.